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South Korea Tests New High Speed Rail Link To Pyeongchang 2018's Olympic Venues

Additional rail service between Harrisburg, Pittsburgh under review

Photo feature: Brightline's West Palm Beach station nearly completed

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Save 50% with Amtrak Kids' 2-12 Everyday Fares — under age 2 goes free

Kids ride free on Alaska Railroad summer routes

Kids travel free with full fare adult Eurail Pass holders

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Easily accessible from Tokyo, Hakone is home to many popular tourist attractions

The definitive guide to Montreal at 375

What to do in Belfast when you've only got two days

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The World's Most Epic (and Cheap!) Train Journeys

Britain: Travel to a bygone era on The Torbay Express

Epicurean adventures: Top culinary rail journeys

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Passenger Rail > Britrail Passes

Save time and money when you pack a British rail pass

Couple with guidebook in London, England

Low-cost Britrail Passes travel is the easy, convenient, affordable way to see more of England, Scotland and Wales. Shown: Couple with guidebook in London, England. Photo: ©Image Source.

BritRail Pass travel isn't just for students and backpackers. Greener, easier and often cheaper than other forms of travel, unlimited rail pass travel is the best way to see Britain up close. These days families and baby boomers are getting onboard, taking advantage of all the benefits BritRail Pass travel has to offer.

England? Scotland? Wales? Ireland? Wherever you're going in the British Isles, BritRail is going your way. With your BritRail Pass, you'll bypass long station queues and head straight to the boarding platform. Once on board, you'll enjoy affordable, unlimited train travel to the destinations of your choice, from Lands End to Hadrian's Wall and beyond. And, because rail is the eco-friendliest way to travel, you'll be helping the envronment along the way!

Whether you plan to stay close to London or go has far as possible, there's a BritRail Pass for you. Zero in on South East England with a BritRail London Plus Pass or head west with the new BritRail South West Pass . Experience all that England has to offer with a BritRail England Pass. Add Scotland and Wales to your itinerary with a classic BritRail Pass. Or island hop with a BritRail Pass + Ireland.

Scotland more your style? See it all with a BritRail Freedom of Scotland Pass or take in the Edinburgh and Glasgow regions with a BritRail Central Scotland Pass.

The classic BritRail Pass, BritRail England Pass, and Britrail South West pass are each available for consecutive travel periods and all BritRail Passes are available for "flexi" travel. A Consecutive pass gives you unlimited travel every day for the duration of the pass, from a few days to an entire month! A Flexi Pass lets you spread a set number travel days over an extended period. Most passes are available for First Class and Standard Class travel and all offer discounts for children under 16.

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