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Train travel news and features for September 2014

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Follow rail travel news and features with Train Travel News Links from top newspapers, magazines, blogs and industry sources. Photo: Italo high-speed train, Italy © .Italo Treno - NTV S.p.A./Flickr

Featured News Links

Luxe at the speed of Italo... China's chariots of fire... Writers riding Amtrak... more

A High-Speed Ride On Italy's Luxurious New Italo Train []

China's railways: chariots of fire []

Amtrak Residency offers 24 writers a desk during a long train ride []

Romanticizing Rail Is No Way to Save Amtrak []

London Underground to run 24-hour weekend tube from September 2015 []

Japan Tests Its New 500kmph Maglev Train []

Seattle Wants to Change the Whole Conversation on Streetcars []

Latest News Links

Can Light Rail Still Unite Jerusalem? []

8 Ways Rail Travel Could Evolve By 2050 [fastcoexist.coms]

How the Shinkansen bullet train made Tokyo into the monster it is today []

China hopes to revive the Silk Road with bullet trains to Xinjiang []

VIA Rail Canada Extends Discount on 20/20 Card []

Jakarta to build light rail transit next year []

Deutsche Bahn freezes most ticket prices []

Recent News Links

Sri Lanka: Return of the Queen []

Athens-Thessaloniki by Train in 3.5 hours []

Rail services resume to Kashmir []

Trans-Siberian railway: Slow and almost steady across the steppe []

There's no better way to travel than by train []

The best of Japan's bullet trains []

Sacramento launches downtown depot makeover []

Traveling Europe by Train is a Great Vacation Experience [Video] []

Thello to launch Marseille ­ Milano service []

The weird afterlife of the world's subterranean 'ghost stations' []

Japan Tests Its New 500kmph Maglev Train []

Amtrak Residency offers 24 writers a desk during a long train ride []

Singapore: All aboard the Gracious Train []

Connecticut/NYC: Metro-North could connect to Penn Station []

Seattle To Vancouver On The Rocky Mountaineer []

Romanticizing Rail Is No Way to Save Amtrak []

Across China: Pilgrims put faith in Tibet railway []

London Underground to run 24-hour weekend tube from September 2015 []

Losing track at Tokyo Station []

Crossing Canada in Art Deco Splendor []

Whodunit on wheels: Riding London's murder mystery express []

Aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train with chef Kelly Macdonald []

Seattle Wants to Change the Whole Conversation on Streetcars []

Global Mass Transit Could Save US$100 Trillion By 2050 []

Florida: Federal report supports All Aboard plan []

China's railways: chariots of fire []

A High-Speed Ride On Italy's Luxurious New Italo Train []

Train Travel: Reading, Romance and Reconsideration []

Gary Hewitt's Train Puzzle []

New England: Knowledge Corridor Rail Line in WMass is on track []

Denmark investing 110 billion in train travel []

Train offers scenic trek through Colorado []

Train vs. Porsche: Boston to Washington race []

The train with the shortest rail route in India has a loyal following []

India: A Darjeeling joyride in a British garden []

A High-Speed Trip Along Austin's Proposed Urban Rail Route []

Amtrak Funding: Rail advocates to Congress: Don't cut Amtrak funding []

Amtrak Funding: Amtrak overhaul approved by House panel []

Amtrak Funding: Don't Look Now, But the House Amtrak Bill Actually Has Some Good Ideas []

Amtrak Funding: Amtrak Bill Strikes Tough, Yet Bipartisan, Tone []

Korea: Train ride to the DMZ []

Miami yearns for streetcar's return []

The cult of the Amtrak Quiet Car []

Exploring the Art Along Detroit's People Mover []

Seattle First Hill streetcar launch inches closer []

Don't Look Now, But the House Amtrak Bill Actually Has Some Good Ideas []

Honolulu Is Building America's First Fully Driverless Transit System []

How San Francisco Is Designing Its Metro Train of the Future []

Next Up For Brooklyn, an Urban Gondola []

Sydney's rapid transit trains to run every four minutes []

US: Poll shows 68 percent want more transit spending []

Colorado: Georgetown train also gives you a cool look at mining's past []

Amtrak funding hearing set for Wednesday []

FDR's 'secret' train at Grand Central []

Baltimore-DC High Speed Train Secures $5bn in Funding []

Japan: 50 years of the bullet train []

Canberra's $750m light rail line gets final go ahead []

With bullet trains as a new Silk Road, China tightens embrace of its restless West []

Train service from Islamabad to all major cities of country demanded []

A life of luxury, all thanks to French trains []

California: Discoveries: Sugar Pine Railroad ride is crazy good fun []

Queensland: Second tourist train touted between Cairns and Kuranda []

Morocco: A day on a train []

Dinner Trains Around the World []

Australia: An epic train journey []

UK: Belles & Whistles: Five Journeys Through Time on Britain's Trains []

End of the line for Europe's iconic night trains? []

Travelling with kids: A clever train of thought on a British rail journey []

Semi-high speed train covers Agra-Delhi route in 103 minutes []

The Top 5 Train Journeys to Take in India []

Amtrak readies 'Great Dome' car for six-week run on Adirondack service []

Follow Me: A sentimental journey on the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad []

Riding Beijing's subway end to end: 55mi of queues and crushes on a 35˘ ticket []

A short history of world metro systems ­ in pictures []

A grand journey from Stockholm to Copenhagen on an Orient Express trip into a lost golden era []

Why the People in Charge of Transit Systems Should Be Required to Actually Ride Transit []

High-speed Shinkansen train raced to its place in Japanese culture []

Amtrak Guest Rewards Members Earn Double Points []

Transformative transit: a look at Ottawa []

East Japan Railway targets Californian high speed contracts []

Heritage railroad offers scenic ride through Arizona's Verde Canyon []

Thousands of migrants fleeing bloodshed in Syria pass through Milan's central station in hope of finding safety in Europe []

Train station's amusing tribute to Joan Rivers []

Switzerland's Golden Pass: Three train trips in one []

Review: Los Angeles Metro Art Tour []

The rail thing: from Venice to Scandinavia on the Orient Express []

Pullman Rail Journeys Launching Chicago-to-Madison Run For First Time in 44 Years []

Iowa: Dinner Train Survival — Tale of Two Trains []

Backers of high-speed 'maglev' train to Washington claim $5 billion in funding []

Kenya: Construction of Mombasa high speed railway to start in October []

Overall, U.S. Streetcars Just Aren't Meeting the Standards of Good Transit []

How Should Streetcars and Bikes Interact? []

Dubai gives high five to Metro []

Deccan Odyssey gets on popularity track, to extend holiday tours from October [indiatimes.coms]

How to Navigate Los Angeles Without a Car []

Riding the Russian Rails: Traveling aboard the Trans-Mongolian Railway []

Eurail and Grimaldi Lines' Ferries Offer Discounts []

China inaugurates new rail-lines in Tibet []

A New Penn Station Wing for Amtrak in New York May Be Closer Than We Thought []

Sacramento light rail headed off to college []

England: Bluebell Railway extension attracts thousands more visitors []

The overnight train in Spain []

Chengdu-Shanghai High-Speed Train - Guide and Review []

My best train journey in France []

France ­ Germany HS services carry 10 millionth passenger []

Delivering Korea's railway vision []

Downtown Miami's "Grand Central" Station Will Change It All []

The enduring allure of steam trains: A nostalgic journey back in time []

Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad []

Ride the Amtrak Downeaster along Maine's coast [] News Links feature passenger rail travel news including train travel stories, passenger rail travel articles and rail transportation news reports for railroad passengers. News Links editorial consideration is given to reader interest, overall informational value and the balancing of viewpoints. All linked content is subject to individual copyright protection as expressed within respective host web sites. Most Train Travel News Links selections are accessible without restriction at the time of posting. Links to resources requiring registration or paid access are included in some instances.

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