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The fight over America's rails

Can the Hyperloop beat high-speed rail?

China's hydrogen-powered future starts in trams, not cars

10 Amazing Day Trips You Can Take From London

Saudi North-South line trains to begin testing

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Pest Side Story: hanging out with the hipsters in the lesser known half of Budapest

Prince Edward: a melting pot of old and new Hong Kong

Miami: Little Havana evokes the pleasures of Cuba's capital

A Cherry Blossom Weekend in D.C. Without the Crowds

Taiwan: Trains and bikes the right mix

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Eastern Canada by train: From Toronto to Halifax, the joy is the journey

As a way to observe the wilds of Scotland, it's hard to beat the magic of rail travel

Inside Iran: exploring the country by train

Australia: Rocking, rolling, riding

An Irishwoman's Diary on America by rail

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Train Travel News Links

Current train travel news and features

Train Travel News Links

Follow train travel news and features from the USA, Canada and worldwide. Photo: Amtrak train stopped for passing freight train, Martinez, California. © SP8254 | Flickr

USA's rail face off... Hyperloop vs high-speed... Hydrogen-powered trams... more

The fight over America's rails []

Can the Hyperloop beat high-speed rail? []

China's hydrogen-powered future starts in trams, not cars []

Saudi North-South line trains to begin testing []

London's top ten Underground stations []

How Philly Could Ride a Commuter Train Line Like a Subway []

Sofia, Bulgaria: Unusual Subway Map Amuses Online Community []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Union Pearson Express (UP), Toronto, Canada. © Craig James White

Toronto air link due... London Waterloo boost... German ridership push... more

Toronto poised for air-rail link []

Germany: DB looks to revitalise long-distance rail market []

London: Major changes due at Waterloo []

Russia unveils plans for high speed railway and superhighway to connect Europe and America []

West Virginia: New-look Cass Railroad nearing start-up []

Plan to expand high-speed rail from Springfield to Boston, and beyond []

Lithuanian Railways introduces e-ticketing system []

Amtrak Line in Western Massachusetts Sees Boost in Riders []

Win the Night With This Dress Made From 192 BART Fare Tickets []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Heathrow Express train to London prepares to depart from Heathrow Terminal 5 station, West London, UK. © Adambro | Wikipedia

Kids free to Hearthrow... Beijing stations linked... Wire-free trams for Dallas... more

London: Heathrow Express offers free travel for under 16s []

Rail link opens between Beijing's two major railway stations []

Catenary-free trams arrive in Dallas []

New Japanese timetable heralds major changes []

Spain: Valladolid-León AVE to open this spring []

Indian bullet train could transform subcontinent - if it ever arrives []

Putin Considering Russian High-Speed Train That Would End At Bering Strait, Doorstep Of Alaska and US []

New York's Newest Subway Expansion Is Delayed, But at Least the Photos Are Gorgeous []

kengo kuma unveils the main railway station of the Grand Paris Express []

South Africa: Fast Tracking SA's Trains []

Beijing to Seoul high-speed rail proposed to open by 2030 []

UK: FirstGroup to run Great Western trains for four more years []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: New York City Metrocard. © paulmmay | Flickr

NYC fares rise... Bach in subways... Tsunami-idled line returns... more

NYC: MTA fare hike officially takes effect []

Celebrating J.S. Bach's birth in subways around the world []

Tsunami-damaged Ishinomaki Line makes full recovery in Miyagi []

Does Seattle offer the path forward for the national streetcar movement? []

Multi-billion pound plans to overhaul rail in North of England []

Botswana to resume passenger train by end of 2015 []

A Terminal Adventure at Denver's Union Station []

Puffing Billy steaming in to mark 150 years []

UK: First handed TransPennine Express extension []

Scotland: Aberdeen railway station to get £1 million revamp []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Rendering. maglev train. © American Maglev Technology Inc.

Orlando maglev progressing... Minnesota high-speed?... Aide for blind riders... more

Orlando's maglev train a step closer to reality []

Review Launched For Rochester-Twin Cities High-Speed Rail []

Guiding The Blind Through London's Subway With Estimote Beacons []

Speed increase on the Tokaido Shinkansen []

Life-sized Thomas the Tank Engine Chugs Into Fans' Hearts []

Germany: DB to reconquer the long-distance market []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Dinosaur, platform, Fukui Station, Fukui, Japan.

Jurassic station... Vermont-Montréal reconnect?... Vote for Denver's ski train... more

Fukui Station, the upcoming Shinkansen station, is also home to roaring dinosaurs! []

A Step Closer To Train Service From Vermont To Montreal []

Vote Now: Would You Ride Winter Park's Ski Train Next Winter? []

France: SNCF to refresh flagship TGVs []

China: The sound of sleeping trains []

Mumbai railway set to shut the doors on quintessential Bollywood image []

History and Future Of Rail Rolls Through Sacramento []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Metro Transit Green Line train, Roberts St. Station, St. Paul, Minnesota. © Andy Tucker | Flickr

Twin Cities get rail right... Cross-Tokyo line kickoff... Jerusalem disconnect... more

How the Twin Cities got transit right []

A Rail Line That Crosses Jerusalem's Divide, But Can't Unite It []

Cross-Tokyo link inaugurated []

Orlando-to-New Orleans passenger rail line proposed in bipartisan bill []

A Single Day on the London Tube, Condensed Into 2 Minutes []

Winter Park Ski Train "part of our legacy, part of our history" []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Rendering, Bombardier Zefiro high-speed locomotive. © Bombardier

SE Asia linked up by 2022... New runs for Eurostar... Superfast future?... more

Southeast Asia regular and high speed rail network likely to be substantially complete by 2022 []

New year-round routes on Eurostar trains []

Are superfast trains speeding down the tracks? []

San Diego's Trolley is just the beginning of an extensive countywide rail network []

New Glasgow ScotRail trains design unveiled []

Sino-Thai railway agreement signed []

China: Guide dogs to be allowed on trains []

Hokuriku Shinkansen Line opens for service, linking Tokyo and Kanazawa []

Laying tracks for high-speed rail in the U.S. []

New York's $4 Billion Train Station: In 100 Years, Will Anyone Still Care About All That Wasted Money? []

Inside the Ringling Bros.' 'Pie Car' []

South Australia: Aussie Wine Train May Resurrect Its Choo-Choo Travels []

Japan's longest-traveling passenger train ends over 25-year service []

The Real Manhattan Subway Map []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Verde Canyon Railroad, Arizona, USA. © Verde Canyon Railroad

Riding Sedona's canyons... NYC subway map found... Britain's new bullets... more

Not a Hiker? Try this Train Ride Through Sedona's Canyons []

A Lost Design for a NYC Subway Map, Rediscovered []

InterCity 125 v Hitachi: What are the UK's new trains like? []

Watch American passenger rail shrivel up and die in this animated map []

Tracing the Route of a Proposed AirTrain to La Guardia Airport []

New VIA Rail Canada services between Québec City and Windsor []

Denmark lays the tracks for future train travel []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: FirstGroup service passes a Virgin Pendolino train, UK. © Wikimedia Commons.

UK East Coast faceoff?... FDR's secret station... Euro cities to visit by train... more

UK: FirstGroup bids to take on Virgin Trains on east coast mainline []

15 European cities you should visit by train []

We went inside the top-secret tunnel under Grand Central that only presidents use []

Japan: Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train marks 40th anniversary []

How the Supreme Court Left Amtrak Waiting []

Things That Will Get You Kicked off Amtrak []

Trains in Maine: Plans would expand passenger and freight service []

Funding to bring Tri-Rail downtown advances []

SwissPass for public transport to launch soon []

Dinosaurs Take Over Fukui Station in Western Japan []

All Aboard: 5 Ways to Satisfy Your Love of Train Travel []

Commentary: All Aboard Florida, FEC Railway working together []

The 5 Most Beautiful Train Stations Across America []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Rendering, Jeddah Station, Saudi Arabia. © Saudi Railway Corporation.

Jeddah station debut nears... Court favors Amtrak... New Miami hub detailed... more

Jeddah's rail station soon to be operational []

Supreme Court Sides With Amtrak, With Some Distaste []

On track: Details for downtown Miami railway hub are revealed []

South Korea: Down and up again on the ChooChoo Park Railway []

Cleveland: Tower City rail station overhaul begins this year []

Vietnam plans new railway line for high-speed trains []

Toronto's Union Pearson Express: new airport train revealed []

U.S. transit ridership highest in 58 years []

Denver: No slowdown for FasTracks []

Warsaw inaugurates metro Line 2 []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Maglev train, rendering. © American Maglev Technology Inc.

Maglev for Orlando?... Indiana kills Hoosier train... Tracking Alaska by rail... more

Orlando: Maglev-train plan for airport, convention center back on track []

Indiana to end Amtrak's Hoosier State line []

Take in Alaskan scenery, wildlife on 12-hour rail ride []

California Drivers Are About to Give High-Speed Rail a Big Funding Boost []

This Beijing Subway Now Has A Library Of Free E-Books For Passengers []

Edinburgh to Glasgow trains off for 6 weeks []

Japan: A new bullet train to Kanazawa []

Miami-Dade mayor: a downtown Tri Rail station is 'once in a lifetime opportunity' []

China's high speed railway 60% of world's total length []

Colorado: Winter Park, Amtrak want return of ski train []

Ghana to introduce standard-gauge suburban service []

What's New in the House Amtrak Bill? []

Will Colorado's Winter Park Ski Train Ride Again? []

Coming soon: Pets on Amtrak? []

One Cool Thing: Shanghai Maglev Train, China []

Severn Valley Railway crowned 'Heritage Site of the Year' []

Chicago: $350 million Superloop streetcar system being studied []

Will Jerusalem Jump on the Cable Car Bandwagon? []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Amtrak Northeast Regional train, USA. © Mark Levisay | Wikimedia Commons

House OKs Amtrak Bill... KC streetcars due in '16... Dublin to Cork in 16 sec... more

House Passes Amtrak Bill That Could Boost Northeast Service []

Kansas City streetcar construction is on pace for passengers in early 2016 []

Travel from Dublin to Cork in 83 seconds with Irish Rail []

Shanghai city centre tram plan revealed []

The Amtrak 'Pet Car' Just Got One Step Closer to Reality []

Miami: Light rail to beach on funding track []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Rendering, Bombardier Zefiro high-speed locomotive. © Bombardier

US-Mex high-speed?... Auckland ridership soars... St. Louis loop digging in... more

Breaking down borders: How feasible is high-speed rail between the US and Mexico? []

Auckland rail passenger numbers top 13 million []

St. Louis Loop Trolley sets groundbreaking date []

Buenos Aires commuter routes renationalised []

Gold Coast light rail gets green light from Queensland Government []

Australia: Embarrassed girl gets her head stuck between metal poles at train station []

Two sold-out days float hope for revived Winter Park Ski Train []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Metro Rail Blue Line train, Long Beach Civic Center Station, California. © METRO96 |Wikipedia

LA Metro Rail at 25... Most beautiful US stations... UK East shifts to Virgin... more

L.A. Light Rail Transit and Twenty Five Years of the Blue Line []

The 11 Most Beautiful Train Stations Across America []

Virgin takes over the East Coast main line []

Trolleys may return to Galveston []

California: Talking about High-Speed Rail []

Amour Aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train []

Azerbaijan: From Baku to Sumgait in just 40 minutes by train []

Japan: Hokuriku shinkansen setting tourists abuzz []

A New Beijing to Moscow Express []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: DMZ Train, Korea. © Korail Korea Railroad Corporation

Korea's DMZ train... Birth of Amtrak... Record Indian rail budget... more

South Korean train provides foreign tourists with a glimpse of North []

11 Historical Maps and Charts That Explain the Birth of Amtrak []

India unveils record railway budget []

Europe's high speed trains: Romancing the rails []

San Francisco: BART changes new train car design to satisfy disabled riders' concerns []

NYC: Clocking Your Train []

Spotlight: Rocky Mountaineer []

UK: Postcard from...a Pullman []

What it's like working on Canada's Rocky Mountaineer []

Michigan coast to coast: Passenger train service from Detroit to Grand Rapids being studied []

Tickets sell out for train from Denver to Winter Park []

Texas: Choo-choo cheer on the Grapevine train []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Andean Explorer, Peru. © Peru Rail

Peru's magnificent train... Amtrak coast to coast... Light rail is bigger in Texas... more

Peru: That Magnificent Train []

Coast to coast on Amtrak in winter []

Would you have guessed? Dallas has the country's biggest light rail system []

Cambodia: Riding the rails on a bamboo train []

Top 5 train journeys in India []

What's Behind The Secret Door At Chicago's Union Station? []

Michigan Central Station: The story of its rise, fall and... []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Rendering, Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train, Japan. © West Japan Railway Company

Japan bullet launch set... Bill bad for Amtrak NE?... Partying on Chicago's L... more

Let's go to Toyama and Kanazawa on the newest Hokuriku Shinkansen! []

Amtrak Funding Bill Isn't Good News for Northeast Corridor Passengers []

You Can Rent Chicago's 'L'-Train for Parties []

This website can literally save you hundreds on UK train travel []

Denver: Winter Park ski train returns - for 1 day - through partnership with Amtrak []

Ontario: Rally to save Algoma rail service []

The Little Engine That Could (Run On Batteries) []

Lyon-Turin railway back on track []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: The Canadian, transcontinental Toronto-Vancouver train, Canada. © VIA Rail Canada

Canada's "Snow Train"... Reno's "Fun Train"... India's pizza trains... more

Riding Canada's 'Snow Train' []

Soul on the tracks: 'Fun Train' boogies on up to Reno []

Now Pizza To Be Delivered At Your Train Seat []

China: Modern Rails Make Traveling Civilized []

Boston: MBTA restores full rail transit service []

Choo choo! Ireland gets first week-long steam train tour of modern age []

Oklahoma: Important steps taken for passenger rail service []

California: Redlands Passenger Rail Project chugs along []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Girl on a train, Germany. © Deutsche Bahn AG

On track in Germany... America's need for rail... What trains teach us... more

World's best rail network? How to get on track in Germany []

DOT chief: 'America needs passenger rail' []

What Long-Distance Trains Teach Us About Public Space in America []

Eurostar: London To Marseille Route Is Growing In Popularity []

UK: Cheap train tickets? Website TrainSplit does the seemingly impossible and finds users cheaper journeys using secret algorithm []

Miami-Orlando train track may host Tri-Rail commuter trains to downtown []

All-night services to be extended in London []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Amtrak Northeast Regional train, USA. © Mark Levisay | Wikimedia Commons

Profits to Amtrak NE?... Commute's other benefits... Sochi's light rail failure... more

Amtrak bill aims to keep Northeast Corridor profits on the Northeast Corridor []

Commuting makes you younger, and more attractive - kind of []

The Sochi Light Rail Is the Most Epic Failure in Olympic History []

Are freight railroads starting to take passenger trains more seriously? []

'Hogwarts Express' bullet train to be launched in Japan []

Dubai Tram 100-day milestones: 1m commuters, busiest month, stationŠ []

All aboard! Ireland gets its first week-long steam train tour of the modern age []

London to Marseille Eurostar Route Turning Into a Surprise Hit []

Eurostar sales and passengers up in 2014 []

12 Classic Train Posters That Lured Riders In and Out of Boston []

The history of Siberian Railways []

Property owners vote for Sacramento streetcars []

Funding kickstarts Melbourne Metro tunnel plans []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Eastbound Empire Builder heading towards West Glacier Station, Montana. © Loco Steve

Amtrak Empire Builder tracked... Texas route options narrow... Station renos... more

Following the tracks of the Empire Builder []

Texas: Route options narrow for Dallas-Houston rail []

Sacramento overhauling vintage train station []

Melbourne: Century-old Flinders Street Station to receive a long-overdue $100m facelift []

Manchester, UK: Victoria Station transformation nears completion []

St. Louis: Delmar Loop trolley construction set to begin in March []

A Fast-Track Plan For New Yorkers []

China's high speed rail: All dressed up with no place to sell? []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Passengers boarding Budapest NightTrain, Munich, Germany. © samatceu

London to Budapest... High speed targets US... Sketching the NY Subway... more

London to Budapest by train []

High-speed rail giants see US as next frontier []

A Closer Look: Andrew Sanders' 'Riding the NYC Subway' []

Melbourne Metro authority to develop cross-city link []

Train travel reaches first peak in China []

Trolley system proposed as downtown Fargo redevelops []

Train Travel News Links

Photo: Dog on a train. © Ted Scodras | Flickr

Amtrak going to the dogs?... Streetcar or street car?... Love on the rails... more

USA: The Dream Of Dogs Riding On Amtrak Is Tantalizingly Close []

"Streetcar" or "street car"? That is the question []

NYC: Love on the rails []

Japan: Tickets for first Tokyo-Kanazawa Hokuriku bullet trains sell out in 25 seconds []

4 Ways to Enjoy Luxury Train Travel []

Indonesia: Trans-Papua railway study to start this year []

Chicago: Pets-on-trains experiment won't happen -- at least not yet []

Australia: Queensland tilt trains set for a mid-life revamp []

Ireland: Luxury Rail Coming []

Sweden: Longest rail tunnel set for December opening []

Train Travel News Links

Follow train travel news and features from the USA, Canada and worldwide. Photo: MBTA Green Line, Boston, Massachusetts. © MaxVT | Flickr

Boston's snowed in T... WiFi on UK trains by '17... Christchurch's new tram... more

Massachusetts: How Snow Can Cripple Boston's Subway Cars []

UK: Government unveils plans for free wi-fi on trains from 2017 []

New Zealand: Boarding call for Christchurch's new tram []

USA: Amtrak to Launch 'Amtrak Train Day' in Spring 2015 []

Germany: Passenger numbers reach record high []

Texas: Dallas sets Oak Cliff streetcar debut []

Missouri: KC unveils first streetcar station stop []

web news portals

Photo: City Circle tram, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. © Liamdavies | Wikimedia Commons

Melbourne's free trams... Milwaukee light rail OK'd... NYC's missing X line... more

Enjoying the free tram rides in Melbourne []

Green light for Milwaukee light rail line []

NYC: Calls, again, for outer-borough X line []

Trans-Siberian: highlights of the world's greatest rail journey []

Dressing to the Nines on the Orient-Express []

China in talks with 28 countries on high-speed rail []

Michigan: Passenger train service between Ann Arbor and Traverse City being discussed []

Miami: Downtown commuter rail has just one shot []

UK: Caledonian Sleeper to acquire luxurious rolling stock []

Japan: Test ride of new Komachi bullet train launching in March []

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Photo: Metro train, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. © Maurits90

Middle East on track... Spain picking up more speed... Amtrak Train Days... more

Middle East: The return of the railway ­ Eastern promise []

Spain to open 800km of high-speed lines in 2015 []

Amtrak Train Days To Celebrate Reasons To Ride []

The Hidden Beauty of American Train Travel []

Glasgow train singer's Pavarotti video goes viral []

High-speed railway to link Chinese border city to Vladivostok []

Canberra expands light rail project []

web news portals

Photo: Trolley, Old Town, San Diego, California, USA. © Brett Shoaf | MTS (San Diego Metropolitan Transit Authority)

San Diego's lovable 'trolley'... Africa's rail revival... Shanghai's cool train chef... Rail crossing sensors... Kiwi station erects questionable art... more

San Diego's lovable 'Trolley' actually three high-tech light-rail train lines []

How Overlooked Colonial Railways Could Revolutionize Transportation in Africa []

Shanghai Train chef becomes 'coolest train chef in history' []

Technology Solution? Sensors Could Warn Trains of Cars on Tracks []

New Zealand train station erects questionably shaped sculpture  []

Springfield, MA: Union Station seen as a centerpiece of city's revival []

MassDOT buys Housatonic Railroad line between Pittsfield, Connecticut []

Texas Central Railway Selects Two Possible Dallas High-speed Rail Station Locations []

Boston: T extends weekend late-night service to June []

Prototype Berlin U-bahn trains begin testing []

web news portals

Photo: TGV, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. © Leon Schrijvers

Luxembourg to Strasbourg... Texas route options narrow... Through India... more

Luxembourg to Strasbourg in 1 hour 20 []

TxDOT narrows route option list for proposed high-speed rail system from Houston to Dallas []

A Yale Student's Account of Indian Train Journey []

Canada's lack of high speed rail is a national embarrassment []

Why Istanbul Is Building the Largest Monorail Network in Europe []

Idaho's Only Passenger Rail Station Nears Opening []

Nigeria Unveils Take-off of High Speed Train from Abuja to Lagos []

China in talks to sell high-speed trains to US []

web news portals

Photo: Rendering, SkyTran levitating pods. © SkyTran

SkyTran's levitating pods... LA's forgotten subways... World record rail trips... more

SkyTran's levitating pods, a taxi for the sky? []

Inside L.A.'s Dark Network of Deserted Underground Railways []

World-record holding train trips []

U.K. Town Plans to Be First "Very Light Rail" Innovation Hub []

Light rail brings high hopes for downtown Mesa []

New Hampshire: Commuter rail expansion best option for job creation []

Obama's New Transportation Budget: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly []

Glasgow: prepare for new driverless Subway trains with viewing deck windows at each end []

Vermont: Commuting By Train []

Germany's DB loses Nuremberg S-Bahn to UK's National Express []

Mexico: High speed project cancelled as economy worsens []

web news portals

Photo: AirTrain at station, Newark Liberty international Airport, Newark, New Jersey, USA. © Bombardier

Trains to the airport... FTA backs Sacramento light rail... Tehran to Ankara... more

Going to the Airport? Take a Train! []

Feds on board with Sacramento streetcar []

From Tehran to Turkey: An international journey by train []

First 5-star express train in Vietnam []

Addis Ababa light rail test running begins []

Israel Railways passenger traffic up 7.5% in 2014 []

Ten of the world's finest luxury trains []

web news portals

Photo: Woman on subway platform, New York City, New York, USA. © Satish Indofunk | Flickr.

Women's transit needs... Egypt's rickity railway... Transit transforms Denver... more

More Women Ride Mass Transit Than Men. Shouldn't Transit Agencies Be Catering to Them? []

Thirty Hours Aboard The Rickety Upper Egypt Railway []

Denver is being transformed by FasTracks, 10 years after key vote []

Groups pressure Congress to invest in passenger rail, transit infrastructure []

Seattle to open second streetcar line on First Hill, joining South Lake Union line []

Second BART Tunnel Under Bay Allowing 24-Hour Service Gets Renewed Attention []

Karachi railway station: On the right track []

Russian-Made Double Decker Train Ready for New St.Petersburg-Moscow Route []

Sweden to upgrade Stockholm-Oslo train service []

Detroit M-1 Rail: We'll open in 2016 []

Amtrak's Hoosier State train gets a 60 day extension []

Plane Train At Atlanta's Airport To Get Major Overhaul []

Montréal Train de l'Ouest backers hopeful for West Island rail by 2020 [] News Links feature passenger rail travel news including train travel stories, passenger rail travel articles and rail transportation news reports for railroad passengers. News Links editorial consideration is given to reader interest, overall informational value and the balancing of viewpoints. All linked content is subject to individual copyright protection as expressed within respective host web sites. Most Train Travel News Links selections are accessible without restriction at the time of posting. Links to resources requiring registration or paid access are included in some instances.

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