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Trenitalia launches Frecciarossa 1000

Orlando: 7 details on new airport-to-I-Drive Maglev train

First test train on Amsterdam North-South Line

San Diego reveals long-term rail vision

The ghost trains haunting Britain's rail network

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TGV France Summer Sale fares from €25 EUR ($27 USD)

Save 20% on first-class Swiss Travel E-Passes

20% off 18-day Silk Road of China by rail (Beijing to Kashgar)

$41 weekend fares between Philadelphia and New York City

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Exploring the art and soul of the streets of Beijing

Bilbao: How the city has remade itself along the river

48 Hours in Downtown Los Angeles Travel Guide

The Eiffel Tower has a secret apartment at the top complete with a grand piano

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Speeding through Europe on a bullet train

China's surviving steam trains

Napa, California: Enjoying the scenery from a 'speeder'

Impressionist train to carry tourists to Monet's Normandy garden

Colorado: Ride historic Rio Grande railway to mountaintop concerts

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